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810 Intruder

The Superior SolutionTo Auto Load Wheel Lifts!

The Vulcan 810 Intruder has been specifically designed to fill the needs of private impounders and professional repossessors. The low-profile boom and low mount planetary winch provides a sleek appearance and superior visibility. The modular design body is adjustable from 88-inch to 94-inch, eliminating the need for fender flares, and includes spacious driver and passenger side tool compartments to provide ample storage for your additional equipment. The proven hydraulic auto load wheel lift system provides for quick and easy operation, even when hooking up parallel parked vehicles. Contact your local Vulcan distributor for more information on the sleek and stylish Vulcan 810 Intruder.


Recovery Boom (at boom end swivel)  8,000 lbs.
    Maximum Lift Angle  21°
Winch (Planetary)  8,000 lbs.
   Cable  3/8" x 100'
Lift Capacity Extended  4,000 lbs.
Tow Rating  7,500 lbs.
Maximum Reach  73"
Optional Power Tilt  30° Arc
Minimum C.A. (Cab to Axle)  60"
Maximum C.A. (With Tunnel Tool Box)  84"
Suggested GVWR  14,500 lbs.


60" C.A.Steel Modular Body Wheel Lift Ratchets & Straps
Adjustable Body Width, 88" or 94" Driver & Passenger Side Tool Compartments
Auto Load Wheel Lift System In Cab Wheel Lift & Winch Controls
180° Pivoting Crossbar 8,000 lb. Planetary Winch
      100' of 3/8" Cable
Self Centering Crossbar Junction Box and Wiring Harness
Tailboard Safety Chain Pockets Mud Flaps
Safety Chains Federal Standard 108 Lighting
Safety Chain Pocket GuardsTire Spacers (Flat Tires)


Aluminum or Composite Modular Body Trailer Hitch Attachment
Power Tilt Motorcycle Attachment
Power Tilt with Adjustable Limiter Switches
     on Elevation & Tilt Functions
 Dress Up Packages
Steel Light Pylon Emergency Lighting
Aluminum Tublar Light Pylon Dollies & Mounting Options
24" Tunnel Tool Box 
     (Steel, Aluminum or Composite)
 Clutch Pump or Pump/PTO