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This could be one of the most versatile units in your fleet.  The Century 3212 is designed with the capability of towing a wide range of vehicles, from passenger cars, vans, city tractors and motor homes.  With multi-positional rear jacks, dual 15,000-lb. planetary winches and a 16-ton recovery boo, the 3212 is more than just another tow truck.  This unit was designed to handle a wide variety of recovery jobs, including side pulls.  At last, a medium-duty towing and recovery unit with many of the same features found in Century's heavy-duty Models.


Retracted32,000 lbs.
Extended12,000 lbs.
Maximum Angle  36°
Maximum Hook Height160"
Maximum Reach past Tailboard at 30°  54"


Fully Retracted (with Forks)12,000 lbs.
Fully Extended (with Forks)  8,500 lbs.
Extended or Retracted with L-Arms  6,000 lbs.
Underlift Reach to Center of Fork Holder 
    At Normal Tow Position 84"
Positive Tilt  20°
Negative Tilt  10° 
Tow Rating 32,000 lbs. 


Rating (first layer of drum) each Winch15,000 lbs.
Diameter and Length (each winch)1/2" x 150'
Type 6 x 37 IWRC


84" Aluminum Modular Body
        with 3 Compartments Per Side
Gas Door Shocks
Manual Control - Driver's & Passenger SideFederal Standard 108 Lighting
Lanyard Controls for Underlift & Boom
        on the Passenger Side
LED Taillights
Chrome Double Action Latches
        with Keyless/Unlock
LED Tool Compartment Lighting
4,000 lb. & 6,000 lb. L-Arms
        with Pivoting Receivers
Hydraulic Rear Jacks
      with Flipper Feet
4 Sets of Lift ForksTailboard "D" Rings
Rubber FenderettesCable Tiebacks
Safety ChainsMud Flaps


GVWR26,500 - 31,000 lbs.
Minimum Cab to Axle (Clear)84"
Maximum Cab to Axle (Clear)138"
Maximum Frame Height38"
Maximum Tire Size 255/70 R 22.5


120" OR 138" Low Profile CX2 BodySide Stabilizer Rear Spade
Airshift PTOWork Lights
SP 12,000 SidepullerLight Pylon (Steel or Aluminum)
Light BarWide Load Light Bar
In-Cab ControlsAir & Electrical Hookups
Additional Lifting AttachmentsManual Controls - Passenger Side
Installation 24" or  36" Aluminum Saddle Box
     (N/A with optional CX2 Body)
Underlift Tailboard ControlsChain Kit